hey girl


I’m a small-town gal, born and raised in good ‘ol South Dakota. The rural, middle of no-where lifestyle runs thick in my blood. My husband and I have two absolutely wild boys and a little princess. Along with raising crops and kids; we also have 12 chickens, a cat, and a dog which is basically a shit show! Oh and I plan to add mini goats and a couple of horses very soon but don’t tell him. 

story time

My passion for photography and really just cherishing every moment was bred in my blood! My dad has this vintage Hanes box full of old film photographs of his grandfather and great-grandfather and their families. Hold up, can we just laugh at the fact they are still stored in an underwear box after all these years! Anyway, my whole life I have loved looking through those photos and him telling me who they were. He would always tell me little stories about them too…like how my great grandfather would sing to my mother over the CB while they were moving cows or the places they lived before they homesteaded on the land that has now been in my family for over 120 years. Those photos and their stories are my family’s legacy and truly are priceless pieces of art. This is where my heart for photography comes from. 

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